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Aha, So here it is the most searched query out there. I guess most of you would have been in the state when your girl asks ” Why do you love me? ” and you end up with the most used phrase and literal answer ” I love you because I do.” Well, that’s not enough for a girl, you need to express your feelings more or literally open up your heart for her to see how much you love her which ain’t possible.

My Ex asked me the same question and I also ended up with the same phrase which eventually led up to my breakup. ( kind of “lol”)

do you love me

However “Why?” is a very tough word to answer though. If you google the phrase “Why do you love me?” you would find only one or two relevant answers for your query. In this post I won’t bluff around and, will give you the exact answer your girl wants to hear from you and after which she will only dream about you.


I love you as a result of I do. I love you as the universe showed me the way to you. I love you coz I accept you for who you are. I love you as what I feel about you makes my heart one to be free. I love you as a result of my heart beats for your name, my mind drowns in your eyes, my soul falls for you even after we are miles apart.

It was my Soul and you are its Mate.

I love you as I want to hug you even in your worst mood or when you are too tired of things, not just when you are fun to be with. I love you as you never back out when I talk about our future.

“You were a shock in the dark that blew me away and you left your mark and it will never fade it’s above and beyond me, it’s out of my hands, your love drives me crazy, it’s hard to understand.”  – Why do you love me (Adele)

Through the ways we’ve taken to one another, I even have blue-eyed you. I’ve vied in snug places with snug individuals till I had no selection, however, to come back to you here. I love you, as a result, I feel comfort in being out of temperature with you by my aspect. No matter how mad we are at each other but we always end up hugging each other and patching things up. I love it when you can’t even personally relate with me but still try to understand me. You set me aside from everyone else and point out things I never even noticed about myself.

Well…My life is a jigsaw puzzle and you are that important piece which completes it.

do you love me

You want me all to yourself and I love it about you because I feel the same.

I battled the gods themselves and visaged the raging storms of hell till, one day, the clouds compound and your eyes met mine. I waited, with impatience, for you till that shock from my heart declared your arrival.

I know you’re afraid, my Honey-bun. I do know you are feeling the pangs of worry and therefore the dread of a journey of that no arrival is secured.               However, I promise you this: when the demons come back, I’ll stand sturdy with you at my back and you will be protected. Once the sulfur comes descending from the sky I’ll protect you till every storm passes. Once the artiodactyl and malcontent arrive, I’ll fight them and once the battles are over
and therefore the storm clouds are gone I’ll hold your face, verify your eyes, and you may grasp why I love you.

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Adapted from the original, which can be found here.

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