When I Met Sukhe | GrubFest


When I Met Sukhe | GrubFest

Everybody I do know contains a favorite celebrity. whether or not you’re a young person or older, you’ll bear in mind that feeling after you saw him or her on TV or continue to exist stage and that we will all bear in mind sitting within the Cinema look the moving picture and sighing to ourselves. β€˜I love that man, would like I might meet him’ thus I hope you’ll be sympathetic to me, and please don’t laugh an excessive amount of after I tell you regarding the day I met my screen idol or no matter else you’d wish to decide it. The person in question is Sukhdeep Singh Dayal higher far-famed by his stage name Sukh-E or Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz, an Indian singer-songwriter and music producer at GrubFest Jaipur 2018.

Yes!!! I did meet him and not simply it I had a little interview session with him too. Sustain till the tip to grasp all regarding it and Do Not Forget To Follow ME on Instagram For The Most Recent Updates.

Okay. Thus it all started by ME not knowing anything regarding Grubfest. I had no plan what GrubFest was and what it’s regarding. Well, because the name advised and that I guessed it clothed to be a food fest that is cool in its own method however am not an enormous gourmet junk to inform you. What I looked was Sukhe will be there and not simply him varied artists were planning to perform at GrubFest 2018 that command at Hotel Diggy Palace at 15th and 16th of December 2018.

I came to grasp all this from associate Instagram page named “Jaipurbuzz” with a compelling engaging quote of Meet and Greet with Sukh-E MuzicalDoctorz. All I had to do was to prove them why I ought to be the one to meet Sukhe and the way will his music Inspire Me? And as you all apprehend I’m a synchronic linguistics Nazi and an ICSE student too, wrote a paragraph choked with why I ought to be the one to meet Sukhe. Let ME summarize it for you all speech communication his music conjures up ME as I will relate along with his music style and lyrics and being a Lifestyle Blogger I might stand by an opportunity to know his ideas. Therewith answered all I did was crossed my fingers and hoped for the most effective and that I WON!!!

You just cannot imagine my state at that terrible moment. I jumped like thunder and everyone my friends jumped with ME in excitement not that they were conjointly planning to meet him however simply coz I used to be planning to. Blessed to possess them.

Anyways, Down below was the lineup for Grubfest Jaipur.


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Okay. currently, it starts. It’s already half a dozen within the evening and currently, I’ve reached Diggy Palace. I believed I uncomprehensible “Rocknama” because it says on top of, however by gods grace and my cocksureness I used to be ready to have quite glimpse at their performance. Here are some clips.

The band performed on varied songs together with Bang Bang, Hips don’t Lie, Pyar Hume Kis Mod Pe Le Aya. The last one was lit af. (lol)

Anyways forward, it absolutely was time for Lisa Mishra to perform. To all or any people who do not know regarding her, she is incredibly renowned for her Laembargini cover version. She is a great singer, a good vocalizer. Throughout her performance, I simply felt I’m into one thing deep, one thing emotional. As you’ll see below.

And later on, it absolutely was time for the ultimate performance of the day. The highlight of the show Sukh-E. *he was a bit late btw

Anyways moving on that was time for Sukhe to perform. Well before that RJ Abhi came on the ground to enlighten the thrill of the group a lot of. he’s associate RJ/Anchor at Red FM.

I will link his Instagram handle down below.

Well, He got the group cheering for Sukhe and then Sukhe enters with a bang transferral most energy with himself on the ground to show the stage ablaze. He was carrying a similar outfit of his “then” Latest Song “I Need Ya”.

Have a glance at his performance needless to say.

I couldn’t have all the clips up here due to the video size limit.

(Tell ME within the comments section if you wish associate Aftermovie)

After his performance complete he went backstage to his room and that I was like How can I meet him now!? Then again someone came to ME and asked “Are you iamakj?” and that I was like ” What! Seriously! he’s calling me by my Instagram handle .” and that I aforesaid “Yes!” and he aforesaid, ” you have a Meet and Greet with Sukhe thus keep company with ME.” He took ME backstage whereas everybody was seeing ME going backstage and guess what have I done.

And Finally, I met Sukhe. I do not apprehend Punjabi btw however all I aforesaid when meeting him was ” Paaji!!!!”. He hugged ME and that I was in shock or within the perplexity, you’ll say I used to be shivering like thunder. He calmed ME down and offered ME a glass of water. And whereas all this happened it took ME 10 minutes to recover myself. Afterward, I asked him if I will get a snap with him. He initially denied so laughingly aforesaid ” Kheech Kheech Mazak Karra hun”.


After this, it absolutely was time for him to go away and his bodyguards discovered him and he was near to go till I asked him “Sir, One question!”

He said, ” in fact.”

And I asked the dumbest question “How was your experience today?”

There was most noise that the audio isn’t thus clear. I will decipher it for you, he aforesaid ” It was Superb, it was a great moment at Jaipur. Love You Always.” Saying this he went on along with his bodyguards towards the exit.

And the one who took ME to him, his name was Shubham and he was the manager of the complete fest.

Overall, I had a good time and it absolutely was a good chance on behalf of me and Sukhe sir is So “down to earth” person. I was lucky enough to grab the chance to satisfy him and pay a while with him.

Thank You @JaipurBuzz And @thegrubfest.Β 

Okay. This all happened at GrubFest Jaipur 2018 and if you liked the content share it along with your friends.

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